About Us
Like many people in dogs, our love of animals began in childhood.  While growing up, our home always welcomed pets.  We had dogs, birds, rabbits, and even a kitten that someone dropped off in our mother's car while she was grocery shopping. 
Our love of Goldens began in 2000 when we adopted Lee, our first golden puppy, from Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid Florida.  We fostered many dogs for rescue and ended up adopting two more boys...Chucky and Andy.  We are still supporters of rescue, volunteering whenever we can.  We always make sure to find time to play Santa for GRRMF's annual Santa Paws in the Park.  
We currently share our home with 6 dogs.  Our dogs are our pets first.  They hike in the woods with us, swim in our pool, and travel with us. They even sleep in our bed...and boy does the bed get crowded sometimes.
We have dabbled some in obedience and field work and hope to do more in both areas.  Five of our dogs are Certified Therapy Dogs and 2 have CGCs. Two of our dogs are involved in canine disc dog competitions, and two are AKC Champions.  Showing in the breed ring, competing in canine disc dogs and doing therapy work is what we enjoy, as well as all those weekend walks in the woods. 
We are members in good standing of the Golden Retriever Club of America, Mid Florida Golden Retriever Club and Florida Gulf Coast Golden Retriever Club.
Come take a look around & meet the dogs that help make our lives whole.



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